Murder Mysteries and Mystery Shows

2CigsWhat happens at a Pegasus mystery show – other than tons of fun where “You’ll Die Laughing?!” At the beginning, guests find a helpful info sheet/ “ballot” at their place. Actors enter and perform scenes in among the audience. These episodes introduce the characters, plot and motives while setting the scene for FUN! The action is up-close and guests can inter-act, or just sit-back, Laugh and enjoy! Then, a dramatic (or more accurately, Comic) ‘Murder’ occurs. A break is taken, allowing guests to discuss events, formulate theories, and devise questions. The performance then resumes with further fun scenarios.

A “kangaroo court” (mock trial), with a judge and bailiff appointed from the audience, allows the audience to question suspects and ties up any queries guests might have. Ballots are collected, answers revealed, and we make a special presentation honoring the evening’s “Super Sleuth.”

Rock-FanTo sum up, let us simply quote The House of Blues Foundation – who flew us out to perform in Las Vegas (The ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’), “we loved your performance.”

Technical Requirements:
A dressing room for the actors, and if the audience is over 100 people, wireless microphones (incl. sound system and technician)