Media Reviews of Pegasus

“Having fun with a murder mystery. … You’ll die laughing at this unconventional show.” J. Laraway, metro

“Cooking up delicious drama” … “Pegasus Performances has been serving up the laughs, gags and red herrings”, L. Hobson, CALGARY SUN

“Deane House history receives hilarious retelling … ample amounts of humour … rollicking romp … colourful characters”, G. Morton, CALGARY HERALD

“The actors do a tremendous job … every seat offers a clear view of the action. … the meal was divine … We had a blast. … A roaring good time based on laughs, enthusiasm, a well-written mystery and scrumptious eats. … I will gladly revisit the scene of the crime for another evening of fun, food and murder.”,  H. C. Hudak, STRAIGHT, Calgary Arts & Entertainment Weekly

“Calgarians love to eat and be entertained. … two companies have taken those loves and combined them – with stellar results. … For the mysteries, the audience plays “super sleuth”, but guests can opt to sit back and enjoy the fun, or get directly involved, so no one is uncomfortable.”, Kate Rowland, CALGARY SUN, Dining and Entertainment

“Audience participation & interaction … gives audiences the chance to become the “super-sleuth” & figure out who committed the crime – which some people are really keen on, she says – or they can just sit back & enjoy the show.” Centaine Tyler, ilikeitlocal.com

“wanted to do something totally new, something fun, … Emphasis on “fun”, Carolin Vesely, MEDICINE HAT NEWS

“while playing detective may be fun for all, Pegasus emphasizes the entertainment aspect for all its performances. … the main focus … is on the enjoyment of her audience. … Alison Whitley is a dream to work with and is genuinely interested in making your evening of FUN very special”, Donna Price, True Aim Workshops and The Calgary Women’s Network (CWN)

“Have you ever laughed so hard your face hurt? It happened all evening to the participants of the first ever Abbeydale Murder Mystery Night. … wit provided by Pegasus. … One has to wonder how the cast of this talented acting troupe knew … Without question everyone who attended had a great time and will be looking forward to the next Murder Mystery.” ABBEYDALE CRIER

Clients’ Comments About Pegasus

“Thank you very much for the wonderful evening………my guests were just ecstatic and commented on how much they enjoyed the evening 😊” L. Crespo, Cenovus Retirement Club, Sept 2022

“Malcolm was amazing!! He was the talk of the party for sure! Thank you so much!!” K. Rasmussen, Sept 2022

“They were the best!  It was an awesome way to end the day!  Everyone really enjoyed it.  Thanks for sending us such a magnificent troop!” Shell Canada, booked thru’ Fuze Entertainment, Jan 2020

“Thanks for supporting Fort Calgary while providing amazing experiences to our customers.” M. Bhargava, Director of Hospitality, Fort Calgary, Dec 2019

“We had Pegasus Murder Mystery – Tropical Treachery for our Christmas Party this past Friday. It was awesome! This was the first time that we did something like this that I know of, & everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I have heard nothing but positive feedback from all guests that attended. I would definitely recommend Pegasus Entertainment – very well done, & the characters were very funny, engaging, & stayed in character the entire time. Well done!” Kaydee Asplund, Calaway Park, Dec 2018

“We have seen your performances a few time (sic) & enjoyed them. We have also seen performances given by other companies, but they definitely don’t compare.” Michael & Anna Rossi, Sept 2016

“Thank you all so so much, you were all incredible, and the party would not have gone as well without the three of you. … an amazing time, & I have had a lot of positive feedback . . .I can’t imagine anyone could have done a better job than you.” C. Frame, April 2016

Fantastic evening with Pegasus Performances … First class, great show & superb interactions with the audience. Highly recommended .… From the booking process through to the end of the show, Pegasus Performances were professional, helpful & very funny!” T. Noble-Smith, Nov 2015

thoroughly entertained by the performance. Your group is amazingly talented.”  Lyndsay, Mar 2015

“Thank you so much for everything, our guests loved the show & got some awesome feedback from them. We loved working with your team!” L. Gonzalez, GREAT EVENTS CATERING/ Bow Valley RANCHE  Restaurant/ Meadow Muse Pavilion, Oct 2014

Great job with everything! …things went over really well, & it was great working with Pegasus. Thanks again” A. Ronneseth, Promotions & Programming manager National/ Concorde Group Oct 2014

“great evening what a great group of folk we had an absolutely wonderful time thank you so much for everything I hope we can do that again”, J. Bruce, TALISMAN ENERGY, May 2014

“Mystery evening a smashing success. Pegasus turned the phrase Eat, Drink, & Be Merry into a most memorable night for our guests. The genuine laughs kept coming all night & the level of spontaneous audience participation was more than we could have hoped for. Thanks to Pegasus, our association now enjoys a reputation for putting on fun, successful, & refreshingly different events. Alison’s professionalism, insight, & support was instrumental in making our evening such a huge hit.”  S. Lyons, FISH CREEK PC ASSOCIATION OF AB., 2014

“thank you to your actors for coming out on Friday and putting on a wonderful show! … very positive feedback from our guests about the entertainment. Everyone had a great time!”   K. Cozens, Barrister & Solicitor, DUHAMEL MANNING FEEHAN WARRENDER GLASS LLP, Jan 2014

“lot of fun & everyone had a great time.  I thought the actors were hilarious & the interaction with the guests was perfect. “ K. Belisle, ROLLING MIX CONCRETE, Feb 2013

“a great night.   The customized mystery they wrote … was excellent.  The way they wove in so many personal details about my parents & their guests had everyone laughing & eager for more.  The customization aspect really made the evening special & highlighted my parents in a way that had them beaming all night long.” K. O’Halloran, CHIVERS CARPENTER LAWYERS, Feb 2013

“Subject: Performers..outstanding! Just wanted to send a quick note saying just how fantastic all the performers were…just so enthusiastic & I know that everyone just loved them! We will definitely be contacting you in the future … you were thanked in the speech.” D. Hooper, BRITISH CONSULATE-GENERAL, UK Trade & Investment, Sept 2012

“I received all positive feedback from our group. Everyone had an enjoyable evening & enjoyed the entertainment & dinner. A job very well done & I’m sure we will be engaging your services again. Many thanks,” T. McDougall, NORTH WEST REDWATER Partnership, June 2012

“Thank you so much for the FANTASTIC show … had us laughing hysterically from beginning to end. … we couldn’t have asked for a better performance. I will definitely be booking Pegasus Performances for future events.” E. Disso, FLINT ENERGY Services Ltd., Nov 2011

absolutely wonderful. We enjoyed it immensely. The performers were excellent & they kept us on our toes with the excitement of wondering who dun it! I heard lots of great comments during the evening …enthusiasm of the group was amazing, & we would definitely do this again. Thanks again for the entertaining evening. C. Cormier, FLUOR CANADA LTD. Nov/11

“nothing short of fantastic. Everyone had so much fun. Thank you.” W. Hartley, Oct/11

loved your performance.”  HOUSE OF BLUES Foundation, Las Vegas, USA, June/01

“Thank you very much for a wonderful performance … positive feedback on it. The evening was definitely filled with laughter. . . . very enjoyable… a good time!”  T. Butterfield, ADESA  May/10

great fun & laughs … certainly entertained and a good time was had by all. Thanks again.” S. Mark, B. Comm., President, FRIDAY PROFESSIONAL GROUP INC., Jan/09

wonderful evening … As for Pegasus Performances – WE LOVED IT! Thank you for customizing the script for us. …We will contact you … about doing it again next year.” T. Kaluzniak, STREETSIDE DEVELOPMENT CORP., Jan/08

“actors did a great job & added wonderful flavour to the event” Chief Of Police Jack Beaton, CALGARY POLICE SERVICE INTERPRETIVE CENTRE, June/06

“never had so many people . . . say what a wonderful time they had . . .  the best team event they had ever been to & the best Murder Mystery they have seen!. . . funny, well scripted & well acted . . . done in a very humourous & non offensive manner…  rare in a work type setting we experience this kind of humour & so refreshing!! B. Khan, PETRO-CANADA, April/06

never received so many compliments” R. Duran, TRANSALTA CORPORATION, Feb/06

“absolutely fantastic.  Once again you exceeded our expectations.” B. Sluth, HIGH RIVER CORNERSTONE (No. 19) MASONIC LODGE, Jan/06

“such a great performance . . . so funny. . . ” N. Schindler, AURORA & ASSOC. DENTAL OFFICE, Jan/06

“a spectacular performance . . .  Everyone at our party had an absolutely fabulous time.” J. Moher, DVS CONTRACTORS, Jan/ 06

“your participation added so much to the … Fair, & I can’t thank you enough” J. Slagmolen, Manager Entertainment Programs, SPRUCE MEADOWS, July/05

“enjoyed by all… … literally had us rolling in the aisles. … hilarious”  D. Johnson, AMEC Earth & Environmental, Mar/05

wonderful time! … entertainment was fabulous!” J. Rudnits, AGRIUM, Mar/05

“one of the best evenings we’ve had as a team.  …wonderful job… very entertaining …  You guys are amazing.” C. Mitzel, SUNCOR, Dec/04

FABULOUS … could not have been better. … We all had a blast, the actors were superb, Thank you” S. Collins, Calgary GENERAL HOSPITAL Class of ’69, May/04

superb performances … evening was a total hit. … an absolutely excellent evening.”  D. Karpiak, NORTHERN METALIC Sales (Ft St. John), April/02

we loved your performance.” HOUSE OF BLUES Foundation, Las Vegas, USA, June/01

outstanding performance … a marvelous time!  …performer’s interaction with the crowd was terrific.  We were so impressed … a truly entertaining & fun party.”  K. Schellenberg, EID, Dec/01

“a very wonderful performance!”  G. Hansen, CEO, CANADA SAFEWAY, Feb/99

fantastic job … absolutely perfect …”  B. Podruzny, HUMBLE PETROLEUM, Dec/96

“Everybody had a terrific time. An entertaining evening from start to finish. The most fun I’ve had with my clothes on!” D. Grayson, DRUMHELLER VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPT., May/93