2018 Public Shows by Pegasus Performances

2018 Public Shows by Pegasus Performances: 

PEGASUS PERFORMANCES is delighted to be back as resident entertainment co. at FORT CALGARY with Public Comic Murder Mysteries presented with a delicious buffet. Jan. 26 (Fri.) catch GOLDEN AYE ©: Jayme Bond, playboy spy, has been transported from the year 1795 to the present. Along with Russian Ivana Poppemoff & the latest Bond girl, Chocolat. © http://www.fortcalgary.com/entertain/dinner-theatre/ $85 + ticket fees/ person includes buffet, fun show & gst. Celebrate Robert Burns Day, just 1 day late. Or Reserve now for our other fun shows (see below)! Jan. 12 SOLD OUT quickly, so book soon!

Jan. 19, 2018 (Friday) BAKER’S CREEK BISTRO show THE MOOSE TRAP © in beautiful Lake Louise has been POSTPONED to a bit later in the year. Date TBA here soon. 6 pm Cocktails, 7 pm Meal & Show, $89 per person + gst & gratuities. For reservations, or menu info, please e-mail Frontdesk@bakercreek.com or phone 403-522-3761. For show details contact greatfun@shaw.ca or 403-246-4811. http://bakercreek.com/posts/the-moose-trap/?portfolioCats=49%2C48%2C47%2C50%2C45%2C42%2C51%2C46

Feb. 2, 2018 (Friday) PEGASUS PERFORMANCES is at FORT CALGARY with a Comic Murder Mystery show with buffet meal. SCOTCH ON THE ROCKS ©: Global warming means Anthropologist Ann is investigating reports of 3 fascinating bodies from the year 1825 sprung up from melting permafrost. Accompanying her: a military observer & nosy reporter. What dangers might those bodies pose? Will all end up buried in their work? © $85 + ticket fees/ person includes buffet meal, fun show & gst. http://www.fortcalgary.com/entertain/dinner-theatre/

PEGASUS PERFORMANCES will also be presenting Comic Murder Mystery shows at FORT CALGARY (ticket links & descriptions here) on:

Feb 14 = VALENTINE’S DAY MASSACRE © (togas!)

March 9 = AN IRISH STEW © Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day early!

April 20 = APRIL SHOWERS BRING MORE MURDERS © All hail breaks loose, when rival weather reporters battle a self-proclaimed rain man.

May 11 = BIRDS, BEES AND BLOOD © At the wedding-rehearsal dinner for Honey Bee & Jackdaw Bird, a hive of jealousy & resentment boils over. Someone’s sure to get stung. ©

June 15 = COOKING UP A MURDER © Chef Kory has 2 sous chefs – & one’s out to get her. She also has to deal with Chez Maison’s owner, her hostess & her rival. Someone’s cooking up a murder. ©

Sept 14 = FOUL PLAY © (Hockey & sports theme) Em Forcer gets a workout coaching the neighbourhood hockey team. With these competitors, the penalties are deadly! ©

Oct. 12 = DARK & DREADFUL DRUID DEATH © Druids gather, bringing relics worth a fortune. Where wealth & power gather, so do greed & ambition. Add in a defrocked Druid priestess who dabbles in the black arts & murder’s inevitable. ©


And we’ll be presenting a XMAS THEMED Comic Mystery in Nov. & Dec. at FORT CALGARY.