New Year’s Eve Comic Mystery (& 2019 dates)


Pegasus Performances presents a special New Year’s Eve Comic Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre, THE SPY WHO LIKED ME © – a James Bond/ Casino Royale spoof on Dec 31, 2018 at Fort Calgary. Yvel Blowhard, typical megalomaniac villain, has plans to gain vast wealth and rock the world economy. CSIS orders the secret service to stop him! Agents Cane Brawn and Whisper Wind, with tech genius, CUE and seductive temp agent, Seconda, attempt to foil the plot. All bets are off when secrets, lies and treason lead to murder! Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre at Fort Calgary is an interactive evening featuring fabulous food and entertainment where ‘You’ll Die Laughing!’ Just watch, laugh and enjoy – or interact with the characters and play Super Sleuth to solve the ‘whodunnit’ – all while enjoying a locally sourced dinner buffet. For this NYE show also enjoy a complimentary glass of bubbly for each guest. 6 pm Cocktails, 10 pm Conclusion, so you can head off to a party, snuggles, bed or fireworks! Tickets and info here

And please watch for further details & ticket links on these fun Upcoming Public Dinner Theatre shows in year 2019 at FORT CALGARY. Cocktails 6 pm, Buffet 7 pm, Concludes 10 pm. Watch, laugh and enjoy – or interact with the characters and play Super Sleuth to try and solve ‘whodunnit’ – all while enjoying a locally sourced dinner buffet.:

Jan. 19 (Sat) Pegasus presents THE COOK, THE SCOT, HIS LASS & HER LOVER © (Bobbie Burns references) Welcome to the Amateur Theatre Society’s preparations for their Robbie Burn’s Day presentation. Putting on a “play” is ‘serious’ business & tensions are high as the clock ticks down to opening night. Will Tiffany Gem, Artistic Director & leading lady, step on one toe too many? To what lengths will understudy Bobbi Yearns go to shine in the spotlight? What secrets does caterer Julia McCook have hidden in her apron? Can studly Rock Heman still look manly in a skirt? Will Bea Sharp ever become a natural? And can technical director Tony Gobo get this show out of the starting gate before running aground? All in all, it’s a motley crew.  And one of them is a murderer. © Tickets & further info Here

Feb. 14, Valentine’s, (Thurs.) DEATH BY CHOCOLATE © Tillie Tonka’s chocolate factory turns out confections by the truckload. Cherry, her secretary, has designs on the chocolates. Carob is a weak & pale imitation. Rock, foreman of the Lumpy-Wumpies, wants better benefits. Tillie’s supplier, Al, is going nuts over being paid peanuts. And Sugar, Tillie’s daughter, just got married to Sir Uppy Maple & doesn’t want to be reminded of her origins. It’s a bittersweet situation! © Ticket & further info Here

March 16 (Sat.) – Start your St. Patrick’s celebration a bit early!

May 23 (Th) GRAPE EXPECTATIONS, or A Wine to Die For ©: At Val Policella’s winery, trouble’s fermenting & death may be popping by. ©

June 13 (Th) MURDER TO A TEE © Golf is a game of inches. So is murder. At Wolf Swallow Club, those with irons in the fire get teed off. © (Perfect for an early Father’s Day celebration!)

September 19 (Th) LOVE TO KILL YA BABY ©: It’s the 2nd Annual Bake-Off – but it’s the 1970’s & that crazy disco scene makes everyone want to Rock the Boat!  Before you can Knock 3 Times, all the contestants will do the Hustle & one will take their Last Dance! ©

October 31 (Halloween) HALLOWE’EN HORROR: A NIGHT AT THE GRIMMIES ©: The cast and crew of the worst horror film ever would just kill for one of the Grimmy Awards. ©


November 14, 21, 28 (Thursdays)

December 4, 11 and 18 (Wednesdays)

Two Holiday themed shows Alternate:

CUT THROAT CHRISTMAS © North Pole HQ says: Give the season a fresh look! As workers scramble for ideas, suspicions grow. Is Santa behind this, or his trophy bride? The ex- Mrs. Claus is called in to help, but feels no Xmas cheer. ©


MURDER UNDER THE MISTLETOE ©  It’s a busy time of year for florist Holly Wood – especially when an escaped elf takes refuge in her shop. It’s a cut-throat business and … someone’s bound to get clipped. ©