September – December 2018 Public Shows

PEGASUS PERFORMANCES presents fun Comic Murder Mystery shows along with a delicious Buffet meal at FORT CALGARY on these evenings listed below. 6 pm Cocktails, 7 pm Buffet & show. Ending 9:30 pm. For links to buy tickets & longer show descriptions, click here:

Sept. 14, 2018 (Fri.) = FOUL PLAY © (Hockey & sports theme) Em Forcer gets an extreme workout coaching the neighbourhood hockey team. Figure skater Cherry Flip is light on her feet, while Ima Clutz is tripping over hers. Dennis Anyone, tennis player, proves he’s a fool for love. Suddenly, everyone wants a match-up & losing is not an option. Because with these motley competitors, penalties are deadly! © To buy tickets, or for buffet menu, please click here.

Oct. 12, 2018 (Fri.) = DARK & DREADFUL DRUID DEATH © Samhain approaches, the Druid night set aside for the celebration of those who’ve passed before (known to most as Halloween). Druids from all levels of mastery have gathered for the occasion, bringing relics worth a fortune to add power to this night of nights. Unfortunately, where wealth & power gather, so do greed, scandal & ambition. Add to the mix a defrocked Druid priestess who dabbles in the black arts – & murder is inevitable! © For tickets or buffet details, please click here.

October 31, 2018 (Halloween Night, Wednesday) Pegasus Performances presents I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST … HALLOWEEN © plot to lure movie actor Johnny Depp to film a sequel to “Sleepy Hollow” in the quiet little Alberta village of Dapp, by dropping the ‘a’ in the town’s name & changing it to ‘e’, goes awry. Not surprising, given the quirky characters of the townsfolk involved, like Buster Bloodvessel, rancher & mayor of the newly christened ‘Depp’As jealousies flare & old scores resurface, the townsfolk prove the rechristened Depp is hardly sleepy, but truly creepy … & starry ambitions can lead to deadly suspicions! © Tickets here!

Olive & her Elf, James Bean

November and December: PEGASUS PERFORMANCES presents two Public HOLIDAY/ CHRISTMAS THEMED Comic Mystery Dinner Theatre shows in Nov. & Dec. at FORT CALGARY. Perfect for a Corporate Xmas Party, supplier thanks, or a fun get-together with friends or family! Watch here for more info to come soon!

November 10: Rebel Without A Claus ©
November 22: Compliments Of Deceasin’ ©
November 29: Rebel Without A Claus ©
December 5: Compliments of Deceasin’ ©
December 12: Rebel Without A Claus ©
December 21: Compliments of Deceasin’ ©


For Tickets for REBEL WITHOUT A CLAUS © Click here

For Tickets for COMPLIMENTS OF DECEASIN’© Click here